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JR's Original BBQ Sauce is inspired by my Mama who created this masterpiece for her family and now I invite you to enjoy it with your family. An American Original!
JR's Hot BBQ Sauce is the spicy cousin of JR's Original BBQ Sauce & is loaded with personality and flavor just like my Mama who created it.
Jr's Chipotle Ketchup was created in our Oklahoma Kitchen and would make my momma proud. Sweet, smoky, and superior flavor!
JR's Main Event Mustard is a brilliant tag team of honey mustard and jalapeño that creates a magnificent and healthy sweet and spicy taste!


We have removed the High Fructose Corn Syrup from our lineup and have better, cleaner ingredients that you can pronounce.

Quality Products

Made with pride right here in Oklahoma. We know our producers by their first name. We work with them consistently to bring you the best product we can.


If you arent satisfied for any reason, we will take care of you the very best we can. We appreciate you.

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