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Jan's Favorite Gift Box Soldout
Available  Today, 7/21 All new Jan's Favorite for this holiday season Including your choice of JR's NEW Cocktail Tumbler OR JR's NEW Grill Master Apron Kit w/ bottle opener and an insulated pocket to keep...
The Main Event Gift Box Soldout
  Available  Today, 7/21     The Main Event Gift Box includes the BACK for the Holidays Beef Jerky Sampler Pack! One thing every show has, and everybody talks about, The Main Event. Our Gift...
Available Today, 7/21 We love this Gift Box because it reminds us of JR. It’s direct, it’s simple, and it takes care of business.  NOW...Our Jerky Sampler is back to complete this box!! The original...
Available TODAY, 7/21   It's time for Ketchup to take advantage of the PUSH.  For 4 years now we have been watching the Chipotle Ketchup pay its dues as a tag partner, side kick, and...

A little over 3 years ago JR realized that there was a problem. He had gone to work for All Elite Wrestling and was working again like he had years before. Putting together a roster, talking to talent, and sharing his 45 plus years of experience with a hungry group of people who were building a juggernaut. Getting down to business he saw that the barbecue sauces and products he and his late wife Jan had poured so much energy into were soon to be homeless. Not one to sit on his hands he started to look for solutions. His motivation was clear; Jan.

Jan was taken away suddenly in March of 2017 and everything was different overnight. Life, as it will always do, continued on. JR kept working and remained productive. He’s always given credit  for that to the overwhelming love and support of you, the best fans on the planet. An important part of moving forward is  found in honoring the past. He knew that Jan would have jumped at the chance to get these Ross family recipes into the hands of the people who have been constant. The fans deserved it and Jan would’ve insisted on it. launched on November 29, 2019 and as they have countless times before, JR’s instincts served him well. The response was instant and the pace has been furious. The timing was perfect in the spring as JR’s new book made it’s way to bookshelves.  ‘Under the Black Hat’ tells the story of JR and Jan’s marriage, their teamwork, their friendship, their wins, and their getting up after losses.

That’s the spirit and the mission of BlackHat Online and These products were loved long before they were sold. If Jan were here she would be committed to serving you and letting you know that you are appreciated and you are the backbone of the wrestling business. I am certain that she would want to personally thank every single one of you for Picking JR up when he got knocked to the mat. 

It is with her fire and spirit that we work in every way we can to earn your business and to share this community with you. Thank you for being a part of this community and we look forward to watching it grow. Our Holiday Gift Boxes are the result of a need to give you a big bang for your buck and gift that’s as awesome as live All Elite Wrestling on a Wednesday Night. We hope you like them as much as we do. Enjoy.


We have removed the High Fructose Corn Syrup from our lineup and have better, cleaner ingredients that you can pronounce.

Quality Products

Proud member of the Made In Oklahoma Coalition. Made with pride right here in Oklahoma. We know our producers by their first name. (Stan and Ed) We work with them consistently to bring you the best product we can.


If you arent satisfied for any reason, we will take care of you the very best we can. We appreciate you.

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