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Where else should you get JR other than at JR's place. The voice of professional wrestling is ready to call the action with Good Ol' JR!! This version of JR has a removable cowboy hat, glasses and a classic grey beard and hair. He's also sporting a black 'AEW' announcer's jacket, grey slacks and black shoes! This exclusive is rounded out with an AEW microphone accessory and commentator's chair accessory!

Series 1 (150 only) Signed in Gold

Series 2 (150 0nly) Signed in Blue Sharpie. 

Limited Inventory and for a Limited Time Only at $89.95 

****This price is good for this series of 150 Action Figures Autographed in blue to differentiate from Series 1****

ONLY 150 of these will be sold.  

There are some autographed figures out there stemming from encounters with fortunate fans but this amount straight from the source has not been available until here & now. You are getting an exclusive opportunity at them here. You will easily be able to get this certified by any certification service making your return on investment swift and substantial. JR is a deeply loyal man. He appreciates the loyalty of fans over the years but none more than here at his place. JR signed these as a way to thank you for the loyalty you bring. Thank you for your loyalty and support.


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We have removed the High Fructose Corn Syrup from our lineup and have better, cleaner ingredients that you can pronounce.

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