Jim Ross, or famously referred to as "Good Ole J.R.", has been one of wrestling’s most influential figures, both as an executive and as the most recognizable announcer in the business. Known to sports entertainment fans around the world as the Voice of Professional Wrestling, J.R. has nearly done it all. He has traveled the world and had a ringside seat for some of the most amazing moments in pro wrestling history, while being welcomed into the homes of millions of viewers each and every week.

In April 2017, J.R. signed a new contract with WWE, making a surprise guest appearance to call the Undertaker’s apparent last match at WrestleMania 33. Good Ole J.R. entertains fans with his weekly Ross Report podcast and is still a fixture on television through his broadcast work for New Japan Pro Wrestling on Mark Cuban’s AXS Network. He also calls the play-byplay for boxing on CBS, alongside Al Bernstein. Over the course of his illustrious career, he broadcasted football games at nearly every level and league, including the NFL, high school and college, and was a football, basketball and baseball official. Outside of sports entertainment, Ross is a New York Times bestselling author, barbecue sauce entrepreneur and steadfast advocate for Bell’s palsy, a disease which has affected him since 1994, in addition to being the National Chairman of Headlock on Hunger. He is also an avid supporter of the Oklahoma Sooners football team, and can often be found along the sidelines of their games.

Nowadays, he spends time with his fans on the road, sharing his life story via his one-man show: RINGSIDE with Jim Ross. With his signature 200X Resistol hat and renowned southern charm, RINGSIDE with Jim Ross allows fans to get up close and personal with Ross and the world of sports entertainment. J.R. shares stories and anecdotes from his time with legends such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Mick Foley, to his recruiting and hiring of modern day superstars like John Cena and Brock Lesnar during his tenure as WWE’s EVP of Talent Relations. From ringside to backstage, over a span of four decades, Ross was present for nearly all of pro wrestling’s memorable clashes and spectacular moments, giving him an insider’s view on the sport, industry and its superstars. No stone remains unturned during his tell-all, intimate and interactive event.

Beyond the wrestling business, the man known as “Good Ol’ J.R.” has also made an impact within the food world. The JR's Family Bar-B-Q company is responsible for a variety of acclaimed barbecue sauces, seasonings, and jerky, all prepared, packed and shipped from the Sooner State. The J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q brand traces its roots to Ross family recipes

“My mother was my inspiration. She used to make barbecue sauce. Because our house was small, four rooms, no air conditioning, we cooked a lot outside. I’d be out tending to the smoker as a young man, smelling the aroma of my mother’s barbecue sauce."

We found most of the ingredients written in our family Bible, and we worked with a manufacturer in Oklahoma City to make J.R.’s Original Bar-B-Que Sauce, which is our top seller. I added some heat to make it a little hotter, for those who like heat. Then we wanted to do a different kind of ketchup, so we made Chipotle Ketchup, which is sweet and smoky. Then we made our Main Event Mustard, a high-grade honey mustard with jalapeno mash. It’s got one gram of sugar, loads of flavor.

My buddy Stan [Brooks] in Yukon, Oklahoma, was visiting me – no kidding, he’s in the Smoked Meat Hall Of Fame. Stan won all these major barbecue cook-offs in the ’60s and ’70s. He was doing it before it was cool. He gave me some jerky that he does for his store. He let me private label his dry rub, which is a national award winner and had been dormant. I found a diamond in the rough. He makes it out of the eye-round; it’s real high-quality stuff made with natural hickory smoke. He makes it by the order, so it’s not warehoused for a year.”

~WWE Hall of Fame Jim Ross Talks Meat and More By: Darren Paltrowitz from The Dailey Meal April 25th, 2018


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